Leisure time
Visitors spend their leisure time quite amusingly. Besides the trivial round of walking along the park, sea bathing and relaxing on the beach, sanatorium suggests other enthralling facilities, such as a library, café, tea house, disco-bar and dance room, as well as provides various household services.

It is worth mentioning that the therapeutic process is carried out rather unobtrusively. Procedures, excursions, recuperation and entertainment are aptly planned for the whole period of stay, thus diluting common routine. All 18 days of sojourn are full of fun activities: you will get a chance to visit ancient castles, mansions, fortresses walls of which once witnessed fierce battles, glorious palaces, minarets reaching the skies, legendary Maiden Tower, terraces leading to one of the most beautiful seaside boulevards of the world and many historical and architectural monuments of Baku.